Accessories and Supplies

Accessories and Supplies

At Sunwrights we love our hot tubs and we want you to love yours. We continue to offer Stress Free Shopping after your spa purchase by carrying a comprehensive array of supplies and accessories from water care and fragrances to accessories and covers. Our trained hot tub specialists can provide you with knowledgeable information and advice selecting the products that will ensure continued enjoyment and easy care of your hot tub.

Water Care Supplies

We carry the full line of SpaGuard Water Care products to keep your spa water clean and crystal clear. Every SpaGuard® product we recommend is the result of extensive research and testing and is designed to work best in combination with other SpaGuard products. Visit our WATER CARE section to learn more.




Hot Tub Accessories to Complement Your Spa Experience:

Spa Filters, Steps, Cover Lifters, Replacement Spa Covers and more.
To enhance your spa experience we have spa steps, aromatherapy, spa toys and other fun gadgets to outfit your hot tub. Our cover lift systems help you easily open and close your cover and a lifter will also extend the life of your cover.

Download our “SPAH!” Catalog for “More Great Products For Hot Tub Lovers”


Sunwrights also offers accessories specific to Watkins spa brands including Caldera and Hot Spring spas.