Water Care

Hot Tubs: Water Care

A key to anxiety free enjoyment of your spa or hot tub is easy water care.

We offer FREE and accurate computerized water testing for chlorine based and non-chlorine based water maintenance programs that are safe and easy to implement.

Free Water Testing – “While You Wait”

If you are having problems keeping your hot tub water balanced and sparkling clean, let our specialists provide professional help at no cost to you.

We can test your tap water and provide you an accurate Fill Guide Procedure to balance a freshly filled spa along with a simple and clear-cut Daily Use Guide to make your hot tub water care experience effortless and apprehension free.

Or, provide us with a sample of water from your hot tub for a recipe to easily correct “out of balance” water conditions.

Either way, all we need is a fresh 16 oz. sample and we’ll have your test completed in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Continued year-round support after your purchase will ensure genuine spa enjoyment and relaxation.

Sunwrights features SpaGuardĀ® spa care products.

Discover a complete array of spa water care products and accessories. Every SpaGuardĀ®product we recommend is the result of extensive research and testing and is designed to work best in combination with other SpaGuard products.

The entire line was created by Bio-GuardĀ®, the recognized expert in pool and spa water care for almost 50 years and the industry leader in new product development.

Bio-Guard also provides our staff with extensive training and support. You can depend on Sunwrights to be the best source of reliable information, quality products, and superior customer service.